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Manufacturer of Advanced Agricultural And Plantation Dryers
Who We Are...

Our company was founded in 2001 with head quarters in Chennai and manufacturing facilities located in Chennai in India.

We are a team of technocrats with engineering background & experience. By virtue of being plantation owners, ideally we posses the required cultivation exposure too. This unique combination of technical knowledge and practical exposure, forms the underlying foundation helping us to develop unique new generation dryers for various crops & food products.

Our company was founded with the intention :-

  • to encourage farmers to migrate from conventional curing to modern technology
  • to preserve forest wealth                                        
  • to improve post harvest practices
  • to realize better value for farmer’s produce and
  • to assist the nation in preserving precious food stock.

Our break through came in the form of a revolutionary flat bed design, adopting low temperature drying technique. Modular design, lesser space, elimination of complex civil structures and nominal energy use were the added advantages.

Then on, Research and Development has become an ongoing, continuous activity. It helps in the development of drying technologies for varied food crops, including vegetables and also alternative fuel technologies.

Using our experience, today, we market a range of specialised dryers. Our trained professionals and quality technicians are always on hand to give sound and practical advice. A fully equipped service team is available for round the clock, emergency, on-site service.

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